Soil Moisture Sensors

FarmSolutions irrigation management

Soil Moisture sensing technology has been around for several decades and is a widely accepted technology worldwide. Several growers using these tools still regularly check their soil moisture readings manually, which can easily consume time and resources when driving to each sensing location. Using the FarmSolutions system, growers have constant access to current soil moisture conditions with readings being taken every 15 minutes. Soil Moisture probes are configured to grower preference and can include custom sensing depths, soil temperature, EC readings, and salinity measurements.

FarmSolutions has a whole new approach to soil moisture monitoring, we know that a one size fits all approach is not perfect, so we incorporate a variety of soil monitor options. Irrometer, Decagon, Sentek, AquaCheck, and HSTI brands are used in FarmSolutions to create a tailored sensor package that fits your individual needs. Whether you need a single depth sensor or a multi-depth sensor with EC monitoring we have you covered.

Available Sensor Options

FarmSolutions works with a variety of soil moisture sensors

We proudly integrate with the leading manufacturers in soil moisture monitoring, localized weather stations, and irrigation control, allowing growers to simply plug and play with hardware components of their choice. Several probe varieties are available allowing customization for basic or more advanced functionality.

Watermark 200 SS

The irrometer watermark sensor is a solid – state electrical resistance sensing device that is used to measure soil water tension, the sensor consists of a pair of highly corrosion resistant electrodes that are embedded within a granular matrix, it is designed to be a permanent sensor, placed in the soil to be monitored and “read” as often as necessary with a portable or stationary device.

Sensor Features

  • Range of measurement from 0 to 239 cb (kPa)
  • Fully solid-state
  • Not affected by freezing temperatures
  • Internally compensated for commonly found salinity levels
  • NO maintenance required

5TE Sensor

The Decagon sensor is designed to measure the water content, electrical conductivity, and temperature of soil. It uses an oscillator running at 70 MHz to measure the dielectric permittivity of soil to determine the water content. A thermistor in thermal contact with the sensor prongs provides the soil temperature, while the screws on the surface of the sensor form a two-sensor electrical array to measure electrical conductivity.

Sensor Features

  • Measures salt levels through bulk electrical conductivity.
  • Makes all three measurements (volumetric Water content, temperature and EC) independently
  • Steel screws make the 5TE a more robust sensor.
  • Utilizes a five point dielectric calibration to provide more accurate dielectric permittivity measurements.
  • Uses a 70MHz frequency, which minimizes salinity and textural effects, making it accurate in most soils.

HydraSCOUT Probe

HydraSCOUT Probe uses capacitance as the measuring technology, it can be deployed on all irrigation systems such as: Centre pivots, micro irrigation, drip irrigation, flood / surface irrigation.

Sensor Features

  • Well suited for crops where a sub-surface probe is preferred.
  • It comes standard 5 sensors (up to 10).
  • Probe diameter is 38mm.
  • Probe lengths options are from 100 mm (4in) to 1,500 mm. (60in)