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ALC Laboratory division provides laboratory services for all agricultural operations. From soil, water and tissue testing, to lysimeter installs and sample collecting, we offer… read more

ALC Consolidated’ s Irrigation Division provides a turnkey design build irrigation solution. We strive to design irrigation systems that have a low annual operating cost with… read more

ALC Fertilizer Tech division provides experienced fertilizer development and consulting services. Whether you are interested in a fully custom blended product or need… read more

ALC Regulatory Compliance division provides professional monitoring services for chemical and pesticide spraying, compliance software, aerial imaging and a variety… read more


ALC Affiliates are your trusted source for advisory services, tech service products, fertilizer sales and application, pesticide sales and application… read more


DESIGN BUILD SERVICES: Engineering & Design Services, Permitting, Material Supply, Construction & Installation, Training, Agronomic Support Team… read more


ALC provides multiple financing services dedicated to supporting both on- and off-farm agricultural activities and businesses including input, production… read more


ALC Consolidated Provides a wide range of services for Hemp producers in California. With ALC’s turn-key approach we can provide resources from Seed to Sale… read more

ALC Consolidated specialize in many areas of agronomy, agriculture laboratory analysis, irrigation design build and automation control services, farm management software, regulatory compliance, and fertilizer and chemical supply. ALC Consolidated has affiliated consultants throughout the state of California and beyond.