Irrigation Management

IMS Cloud Based

Access and log field soil moisture and temperature sensors Online via browser or mobile app. The IMS Logger collects and stores sensor data and brings it to the “Cloud”. As part of IMS’s Cloud based systems IMS Loggers maybe used as a standalone application or as a component of a more integrated online irrigation system. IMS Logger is part of IMS IIoT solutions communicating over cellular infrastructure with services available and provided by IMS globally.


  • Easy to install, also available with pre-connected soil moisture sensors
  • Battery operated solar panel/low power device
  • Sleep mode induced between data upload for power conservation
  • E-mail notifications for user defined sensor threshold (high/low reading)
  • Online data reporting including: graphs and tables with Excel exporting option
  • Programmable up to twelve uploads per day
  • Optional “Upload Data Now” feature for on site user operation as needed


  • Fully integrated with IMS’s Ag Cloud Solution
  • Automatically start/stop irrigation based on preset sensor values
  • IMS event logger and e-mail/text notification services

Irrigation Monitoring & Control
Save, Optimize, Plan, and Control your water use.

Saving water is always important

There is no one-size-fits-all in agriculture, so there should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. The Farm Solutions irrigation control system is easily configurable to meet your needs. Create an optimized water budget, irrigation schedule, or elevate your operation to the next level with an automated irrigation system.

Irrigation Schedule

Take the guesswork out of irrigation scheduling. Effortlessly create an optimized schedule through the use of soil sensors, flow meters, and other essential hardware components. Track soil moisture, water usage, manage your irrigation activity like never before. Simply plan and share your schedule with your irrigation or via automated valves.

Irrigation Hardware

Having reliable hardware components is just as important as having integrated software. This is why Farm Solutions sources our hardware components from reputable brands with proven technology. Since our solution can be configured to each individual farm, we give you the ultimate freedom of selecting you’re preferred hardware set-up. Whether it be a basic set-up or fully loaded package, the choice is yours. We will work closely with you to determine which components will best serve your needs.

How It Works

  1. Install sensors generously around your farm. Connect the main communication hub via cellular or wireless connection.
  2. Data is collected, assessed and converted to actionable information.
  3. View your data in real-time on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Powerful Yet Simple

Our irrigation tools mark only the beginning of our innovative solutions for irrigation management. We also offer automated valve control, giving you the ability to open and close valves, anywhere, anytime. An automated irrigation system will not only optimize water usage, but will increase labor efficiency, allowing farm workers to focus their attention on other essential tasks.