C3 Complete Crop Care SMART VFD – Fertigation System

The Right Rate at the Right Time

ALC Consolidated’ s Complete Crop Care fertigation system is the most precise system to hit the market. Fully automated and controlled to provide the right fertilizer at the right rate, at the right time. C3 brings the blending plant to each growers site allowing for rapid fertility adjustment on location or remote.

C3 SMART fertigation systems are design to integrate with existing infrastructure, minimizing the impact on how growers manage with our SMART – Hand free system.

With ALC’s team of experienced Field Technicians and automation, ALC Consolidated can handle everything at the site:

  • Filling of Fertilizer Tanks
  • Maintaining Inventory records through data collection
  • Water & Nutrient Usage Records
  • Collecting lysimeter and tissues for analysis
  • Email weekly site condition reports

C3 Complete Crop Care includes more than just fertilizers and Pumps.

  • Custom nutrient plan to optimize yield based on laboratory analysis, grower information, crop type
  • Increasing nutrient delivery efficiency by reducing leaching and increasing nutrient uptake.
  • Source 2 Sync Nutrient Monitoring Program
  • Irrigation distribution uniformity analysis to optimize irrigation scheduling and fertigation system
  • Irrigation Moisture Monitoring System
  • Reduce Labor Cost for grower
  • Bi-Weekly Reports
  • Licensed Certified Crop Advisors (CCA)
  • Licensed Irrigation Engineers
  • Maximize Crop Production
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    ALC’s C3 Complete Crop Care SMART Fertigation Systems technology reduces labor increase efficiency of inputs while maximizing crop production. Say goodbye to slug feeding your fertilizer and practice the industry’s principles of Right Material, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Placement.

    C3 Complete Crop Care Micronutrients and Foliar

    ALC Consolidated’ s C3 Complete Crop Care integrates a foliar component to the programs when minor nutrients are need and soil or crop conditions don’t allow for proper uptake through fertigation.

    Foliar applications are designed to increase micronutrient levels in the crop. ALC Consolidated’ s Crop Advisor’s use laboratory data and science to develop the proper foliar nutrient plan and recommendation for a specific crop.