ALC Partners with FarmSolutions

ALC Partners with FarmSolutions








Ag Laboratory and Consulting is proud to announce its partnership with FarmSolutions to bring growers the most advanced call to action farm management software technology in the industry.

FarmSolutions is a new and revolutionary call to action farm management software that seamlessly integrates all data and activities in one easily accessible software. Aerial imagery is integrated with laboratory data, irrigation monitoring data, and fertility use data. FarmSolutions transforms aerial imagery into actionable data using the software’s imaging analysis tools linking reflectance to actual cause.  This allows growers to easily visualize, identify and treat early-onset of crop issues. Growers can identify areas of plant stress, detect symptoms of pests’ and disease infestation or nutrient application and deficiency issues. FarmSolutions will improve irrigation efficiency, optimize fertilization plans, forecast yields, precisely locate where attention is needed, and efficiently deploy labor. Using the platform’s mobile tools, the identified issues can be quickly shared with agronomists and field staff to diagnose and treat each problem, resulting in time management savings and improved yield.

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Multi-Farm Management

The FarmSolutions approach is a simple, intuitive, and powerful experience. Keep track of all tasks, soil moisture, irrigation scheduling, alerts, weather, and effortlessly manage multiple farms within your account. With the easy to use interface every farm is just a touch away.



Aerial Imagery

See more with Ag Laboratory & Consulting’s UAV Aerial Services operated by certified UAV pilots and flights are conducted on-demand as growers desire.






Image Analysis

See more than ever before using advanced image processing. Convert your aerial imagery, soil and leaf analysis, and pest reports into actionable information. Transform imagery or reports to represent specific geographic locations on your farm. With this data in hand you can make more informed decisions while taking into account the overall view on your farm.






Laboratory Data

Imported soil, tissue, water, and lysimeter data into FarmSolutions easily view-able platform provides simple and quick analysis at the ranch, field or block level. Linking low fertility levels with imagery resulting in fast identification of fertility stress.




Soil Moisture

Our Irrigation Management services “IMS” soil moisture monitoring system is easily integrated. Uses irrigation data displayed in a simple color key format while providing user access of the graphical and weather data. FarmSolutions provides a user friendly platform for all levels of users.





Irrigation Schedule

Track your soil moisture, water usage, and manage your irrigation activity like never before. Effortlessly create an optimized schedule through the use of soil sensors, and other essential instrumentation. Simply plan and share the schedule with your irrigation crew at a touch of a button.




Task Management

Make sure things are done precisely where and when you want them using our task management tool. Create and assign tasks with unmatched precision using geo-referenced farm maps. Quickly identify tasks and map them with precision. Simply share with workers or service providers to provide them with detailed task instructions.




Stay Connected

Stay connected with FarmSolutions, anytime, anywhere. Access your farm data on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Remotely make schedule changes, monitor operations, or assign new tasks. Stay informed with status alerts and task updates received in real-time on your mobile device.





Generating reports has never been more simple! FarmSolutions integrates yield, harvest, fertilization, soil samples, and strategic tissue data by mapping the data over the farm transforming reports into a visual format allowing growers to interact and create actionable tasks.




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