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Biography: Agri West was formed in 1988 as an agricultural management and consulting firm. Specializing in agricultural management and agri-business enterprise analysis. Jim Dana, owner and principal of Agri West has been involved with agriculture his entire life.

The roots of his experience trace back to his ancestry who established themselves in California in the mid 1700’s. The family began farming and ranching on the Central Coast area in 1832. Those operations continue to this day.

Jim Dana’s background includes over 35 years of experience in the Ag Service business. Primarily dealing with Nutrient, Pest Management, and Agri-Business Technology strategies.

Agri West has participated and led numerous agri-business operations toward being successful and productive operations. This has included property acquisitions, development and operational management.

Being an agri-business company, Agri West has developed strategic alliances with specific advisors and suppliers in servicing the agricultural industry. Agri West is now providing expanded agronomic technical services that include soil, tissue, water, nematode sampling, analyzes, and recommendations. We also provide aerial imagery and assessments for crop production, real estate acquisitions, and crop assessments.

A most critical component of services now being offered, is Irrigation Management. Agri West has teamed up with providers of some of the most advanced irrigation monitoring and assessment tools known to the industry. With this technology, Agriculturalists can fully assess the relationships between irrigation and nutrient management along with a full scope of crop efficiency assessments to obtain the most optimum quality and quantity of crop production.

A second area of offerings is in Market Development. Agri West has the experience and expertise to facilitate the development of proprietary agricultural inputs and technologies. This include Nutrient Enhancement, Pest Management, Precision Agriculture Technology as well as Equipment Technology.

Based on the Coast, Agri West is able to reach out to most all production areas in California if not the West region. It would be our pleasure to work with you and your agri-business company in successfully expanding the knowledge of agricultural production coupled with a sound economic return on investment.

Geographical Areas: West Coast


American Ag Inc.

Contact Name: Paul Press

Biography: American Ag Inc. is a family-owned business established in 1992 by Gerald and Linda Gaskin. Gerald has provided compost products and services to California Growers for over four decades.

Together, the Gaskins and their dedicated staff of field representatives, support services personnel, and office staff provide a combined agriculture experience of more than 150 years.

As a family-owned company that operates like a large business, American Ag Inc. has become a leader in providing farmers and growers with high-quality products and services to meet the changing agricultural environment. Despite added regulations and increasing environmental concerns, American Ag Inc. continues to look for products and services that keep our customers ahead of the curve. We are always expanding our products and services to meet our customers needs for today and their needs for the future.

Geographical Areas: San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast


Intergrow Consultation Services

Contact Name: Oscar Salcedo

Biography: Intergrow Consultation Services has been providing pes control advising for growers in Arizona, California and Mexico since 2016. In addition, Intergrow Consultation Services provides employee training on Food Safety, Safety and Industrial Hygiene for employees.

Geographical Areas: Arizona, California and Mexico



Contact Name: Lindsay Hutchinson

Biography: Independent Consultant, Key contributor in sales and business development functions by leading, coaching and motivating cross functional teams to reach their highest potential.

Geographical Areas: California


McAbee Ag Consulting, Inc.

Contact Name: Kyle McAbee

Biography: General Field Services (PCA and CCA); Verdegaal Brothers Inc Sales Representative

General Field Services (PCA and CCA)

  • Independent Pest Control Advising (PCA)- focus in wine grape production along with various other California crops. Detailed field monitoring and scouting reports. Chemical recommendations and bid services based on bulk pricing. Compliance advising. Application/Calibration advising.
  • Certified Crop Advisor (CCA)- focus on vineyard agronomy, irrigation monitoring and scheduling, irrigation systems, automation, compliance. Use of field data (Tissue/Lysimeter/Soil/Water) to generate detailed fertilizer recommendations based on detailed agronomic data. Distribution Uniformity and Irrigation Efficiency tests with full engineering to maintain maximum system efficiency.

Verdegaal Brothers Inc Sales Representative

  • Sale and service of dry and liquid fertilizers and amendments.
  • Acid sales and service (Sulfuric, Urea-Sulfuric, Phosphoric, etc.)
  • Acid injection systems sales and service.
  • Gypsum sales and service (Solution grade and Spreadable)
Geographical Areas: California


Plant Geek Consulting, LLC

Contact Name: Damian Solomon

Biography: Design, Planning & Construction Phase Services; Cultivation, Production & Operations Phase Services; Horticultural suppliers & vendors

1. Design, Planning & Construction Phase Services

  • Cultivation design, development, and planning
  • Cultivation design evaluation and review
  • Network of vendors/acquisition of equipment and supplies
  • Build phase oversight

2. Cultivation, Production & Operations Phase Services

  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Advanced growing techniques
  • Existing operations evaluation
  • Technical growing best-practices in areas of:
    • Climate strategy
    • Irrigation strategy
    • Nutrition and fertilization plan
    • Genetics and strain selection
    • Integrated pest & disease management
    • Sustainability practices
    • GAP/GMP & food safety practices
    • Agribusiness
    • Staff training
    • Research & Development
  • Growing staff recruitment
  • Exposure to new horticultural technology

3. Horticultural suppliers & vendors

  • Technical support for horticultural suppliers and manufacturers
Geographical Areas: Globally



Contact Name: Joseph Witzke

Biography: WRT is a family owned company focused on providing customized, effective, and sustainable agriculture solutions. With more than 40 years of farming experience behind all our decisions, you can trust that every product we offer has been selected to address the realities you face every day.

Choosing WRT means choosing only high quality, thoroughly-tested products that improve plant health and production.

Geographical Areas: California


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