We provide analytical soil, water, tissue and lysimeter analysis

About Us

Principal Agronomist / Managing Partner, Eryn K. Gray

Eryn brings over 10 years of agronomic and production management experience to Ag Laboratory & Consulting. He is a California State licensed Pest Control Advisor (PCA) and Certified Crop Advisor through the American Society of Agronomy. Eryn has worked in production for some of the world’s largest producers. He has developed a keen sense of understanding of how agronomics can maximize production, ultimately increasing efficiency and profitability.

About Ag Laboratory & Consulting

Ag Laboratory & Consulting started as a small lysimeter laboratory in 2011, analyzing soil solution using lysimeters.  In late 2013 the owners of Ag Laboratory & Consulting decided to expand the laboratory to provide a full range of analytical services as well as free agronomic support for growers on the Central Coast. Ag Laboratory & Consulting was built by agronomists in order to fill the missing gap between the typical laboratories and in-field consulting with growers.

Ag Laboratory & Consulting’s agronomists understand the importance of analysis in soil and fertility management. Through our production experience in combination with our analytical services, we can provide the most practical agronomic advice due to understanding firsthand, the different variables that growers face.

Ag Laboratory & Consulting takes pride in the fact that we are the first and only commercial laboratory based in the Santa Maria Valley. We provide service from Salinas to Oxnard as well as Northern California, Oregon and Imperial Valley. We work with a wide variety of crops ranging from row crops, berry crops, vineyards, trees and field crops.

Ag Laboratory & Consulting has Soil Scientists, Agronomists, Crop Advisors, and Pest Control Advisors on Staff. With over 60 years of combined experience, Ag Laboratory can provide a wealth of analytical and crop advising experience to serve its clients.

Ag Laboratory & Consulting was built by members that have been involved in the local agriculture community for over 20 years.

Mission Statement

Ag Laboratory & Consulting provides analytical soil, water and tissue analysis along with agronomic consulting, tailored specifically for agricultural growers. Ag Laboratory & Consulting strives to provide growers with tangible analytical data while supporting growers agronomically to develop the data into best management practices.

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