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Archive for January 2016

Repurposing With A Purpose

Since 2008 UC Agriculture and Natural Resources scientists have been studying the effects of using ground up stone fruit trees to add organic matter back into the soil. Brent Holtz, UC ANR Cooperative Extension advisor, stated that, “A lot of growers feared if we added that much […]

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Is The Almond Boom About To Go Bust?

Here is a great article pertaining to Central California’s almond population. With the recent spike in almond production, growers are starting to wonder if the almond boom is about to go bust. Because of the rapid increase, the commodity is beginning to lose value. Vernon Crowder, part […]

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New Raspberry Varieties: Imara, Kwanza, and Kweli

Mark Bolda, County Director, Santa Cruz County and Farm Advisor, shared the Advanced Berry Breeding website that introduces three new raspberry varieties; Imara, Kweli, and Kwanza. Bolda has seen these varieties perform firsthand in fields around Watsonville, and is impressed with the quality and availability of what is […]

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AEA Presentation on Building Soil Biology

Here is a great video on building soil organic matter while your crop is growing. John Kempf, Founder and CEO of Advancing Eco Agriculture, created this webinar to give you practical knowledge about building soil organic matter during crop growth and to help produce the highest value, […]

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